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20 Best Things to Do in Bogotá, Colombia

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11 months ago - January 2, 2023

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Bogotá, Colombia, is a vibrant city like no other! It offers tourists the chance to explore its rich history, culture, and delicious cuisine. For fun-seekers, there is an abundance of things to do in Bogotá—from exploring Plaza de Bolívar and visiting the iconic Monserrate Hill for breathtaking views of the city, to exploring traditional Colombian markets and tasting delicious platos típicos.

The things to see and do in Bogotá only increase as the day ends, because the city truly comes alive at night. With lively nightlife full of salsa music and quirky bars that make for memorable nights, this destination has plenty of fun-filled experiences to give you endless unforgettable memories.

Below, find our guide on what to do in Bogotá, Colombia. This city will capture your heart forever!

Video taken from the Bogota District Tourism Institute (IDT) Audiovisual Archive.

1. Take a Tour of La Candelaria

This historic district in the heart of the city is a great place to explore, with its colorful streets and old buildings. Among the things to do in Bogotá, a tour of La Candelaria’s cobblestone alleys helps to learn about the city’s culture and history. Dazzle at the distinctive colonial architecture and sample some delicious traditional cuisine.

Colorful buildings line the streets of Bogota's La Candelaria

2. Visit Monserrate Hill

This iconic hilltop offers stunning views of the city. Take a fun cable car ride up to the summit, where you can find churches, restaurants, and souvenir shops. At the top, marvel at the ancient architecture or take time to soak in the incredible vista from its peak. Of all the things to do in Bogotá, this is one option that offers many activities to choose from or combine.

The peak of Monserrat Hill

3. Explore Plaza de Bolívar

When considering what to do in Bogotá, Colombia, it is helpful to look at how the locals spend the day, which can be witnessed in the city’s major squares. Located at the city’s heart, Plaza de Bolívar is home to significant buildings such as The Palace of Justice and The Capitol building. With these and various street performers all around, it has something for everyone to enjoy. Even better, you can experience nearby museums that give added glimpses into Colombia’s vibrant history. These are just a few of the things to do in Bogotá!

Primatial Cathedral of Bogota, Bolivar Plaza

4. Have Fun at Salitre Magico Theme Park

If you’re looking for things to do with kids in Bogotá, head to Salitre Magico theme park. A peaceful and inviting atmosphere makes it perfect for spending the day enjoying fun and laughter with your loved ones. Explore this highly acclaimed entertainment destination today! With roller coasters, water rides, shows, and carnival games, this is a place that brings together many of the things to do in Bogotá!

Salitre Mágico Theme Park in Bogota

5. Check Out the Gold Museum

When it comes to things to see in Bogotá, this museum is an excellent choice. With its pre-Columbian gold artifacts and artwork collection, it is a must-see for anyone interested in history and art. With its informative displays, it is more than just educational but also entertaining. You can spend an afternoon lingering as if you stepped into a different world, feeling in awe and romanticized. A visit here ought to be at the top of your list of things to do in Bogotá.

gold museum bogota colombia

6. Visit Simón Bolívar Metropolitan Park

For an escape from bustling city life, take a trip to one of the top green spaces in this destination: Simón Bolívar Metropolitan Park. As one of the calmer things to do in Bogotá, you can enjoy spending time outdoors with walking trails, sports pitches, and picnic areas.

Simon Bolivar Metropolitan Park in Bogota, Colombia

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7. Discover Usaquén Market

This lively street market has something for everyone—local produce, handicrafts, souvenirs, and more. Here, you can exercise your Spanish skills in conversation with friendly vendors. Consider this for a more local experience of the things to do in Bogotá!

Usaquén Market in Bogota, Colombia

8. Experience Guatavita Lagoon

There are things to do in Bogotá, Colombia, that offer a unique look into the country’s past. A visit to Guatavita is one of them. It is located in nearby Sesquilé and boasts a spectacular landscape that will take your breath away, with lush greenery and a deep blue body of water. Legend has it that this location is where El Dorado—the mythical city of gold—was situated. So, if you ever wanted to feel like an intrepid explorer uncovering lost treasures, this is your chance! Explore the area and learn about these captivating local stories during your visit. You won’t regret it!

Guatavita Lagoon in Colombia

9. Have Fun at Maloka Science Museum

This interactive museum is an excellent way for children (and adults!) to learn about science, technology, and innovation through fun activities and exhibits. Kids will have a blast learning about science by watching 3D movies, playing around in the robotics arena, or investigating life on Mars through augmented reality games. In addition to that, there are always fun workshops and special events happening throughout the year.

Maloka Science Museum in Bogota

10. Spend an Afternoon at Zipaquirá Salt Cathedral

On the topic of things to see in Bogotá, it could be argued that Zipaquirá is number one. Located just outside the city, this unique cathedral is carved out of an underground salt mine. With its impressive architecture, colorful artwork, and spiritual atmosphere—it’s the perfect place for a day trip! This is one of the things to do in Bogotá, Colombia that are not to be missed!

salt cathedral zipaquira bogota colombia

11. Enjoy a Night Out in Zona T

This lively entertainment district is one of Bogota’s trendiest spots for going out at night. Not only will you find plenty of bars and clubs—with some of the hippest crowds—but there are also fantastic restaurants and theatres to experience. If your list of things to do in Bogotá, Colombia includes a fun night out, Zona T is the place for it!

Zona T in Bogota

12. Visit the Museo Botero

Bogota is a mecca for art lovers, and one must-see attraction is the Museo Botero. As the home of world-renowned artist Fernando Botero, it houses an extensive collection of paintings, sculptures, and other remarkable works that captivate and inspire visitors. Few places within the city can offer such an enriching experience to truly immerse yourself in culture! If you’re looking for things to do in Bogota, make sure the Museo Botero is at the top of your list.

The Botero Museum in Bogota, Colombia

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13. Ride the Cable Car

As for fun things to do in Bogotá, riding on one of its two cable car lines provides an opportunity to gain some incredible views of the city from high up in the sky, with stunning landscapes—from adjacent hills to distant skyscrapers—as far as the eye can see. Embark on this excursion and enjoy an unforgettable experience.

Monserrate Gondola Lift

14. Go Mountain Biking at La Calera

If you’re an adrenaline junkie, this is the perfect activity for you! La Calera offers some of Colombia’s best bike trails set amidst spectacular scenery, including nature reserves, coffee plantations, and quaint villages. As you wind through the mountains, you’ll be rewarded with breathtaking views at every turn–making it well worth pushing yourself out of your comfort zone to experience this fun and stimulating excursion. This is one of the most thrilling things to do in Bogotá, Colombia!

Riding bicycles in La Calera, Colombia

15. Go on a Bogota Night Tour

Explore the city’s vibrant nightlife and discover some of its best bars, clubs, and venues. From unique bars that line quaint alleyways to dynamic clubs where you can dance the night away, there’s something to do for all fun-seekers in this vibrant city. Whether it be a fun pub crawl or an evening out at one chic lounge—you’ll find something fun and exciting that will keep you coming back for more! With fantastic food and drinks, fun live music, and electrifying atmospheres, take a tour through the city’s nightclubs and find some fun things to do in Bogotá.

Evening skyline view of Bogota, Colombia

16. Play Tejo!

One of the most unique pastimes is playing Tejo! This distinctive national sport of Colombia involves throwing metal spheres, called tejos, at gunpowder-filled targets set up on a sand base. It’s a loud and energetic game that helps Bogotanos celebrate the vibrant culture they love to share.

Tejo, the national sport played in Bogota, Colombia

17. See Colombia’s National Museum

Spread across many galleries that all once housed prison cells, the National Museum contains over 20,000 pieces of Colombian history—from archaeological and historical relics to literature and modern art—so it’s no surprise that it’s regarded as Colombia’s foremost museum.

Colombia's National Museum in Bogota

18. Visit Teatro Colón

The National Theater of Colombia was named after Christopher Columbus and built in the late 1800s. The neoclassical style designed by an Italian architect features interiors with frescoes on the walls and seats modeled after Paris’ Palais Garnier. It holds operas, concerts, and modern plays within a retro, romantic environment. The theater is open to be visited without attending an event through guided tours. As an elegant spot frozen in time, visiting Teatro Colón is one of the best things to do in Bogotá!

Teatro Colon in Bogota

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19. Explore Biblioteca Pública Virgilio Barco

Colombia’s top architect Rogelio Salmona designed this enormous library as a round building enclosed by mirror-like waters and gardens. The roof features an open-air theater. Inside, you can find a café and art exhibits accompanying all the books. The library is located right next to Simón Bolívar Park. Of all the things to do in Bogotá, this is a fantastic option for bookworms and architecture fans alike.

Virgilio Barco Public Library in Bogota

20. Hike to La Chorrera and El Chiflón Waterfalls

Ride a bus outside of the city, past colonial villages, cliffs, and forests, to a spot deep within the Andes where a 3-hour round-trip trek on well-marked trails will take you to these two waterfalls. Or, hire a tour company to organize a trip with transport, guides, and meals. Swimming in these fresh waters is the best reward after all the walking.

La Chorrera Waterfall near Bogota

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Things to see and do in Bogotá abound for all preferences. From theme parks and markets to museums and historical sites—you’ll never be bored in this vibrant city! It’s packed with excitement for singles, couples, friend groups, and families.

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