Why Metrojourneys?

What sets us apart

The Metrojourneys difference is marked by a multitude of factors, but if we had to narrow them down to just three fundamental pillars, we’d say they’re: the warm and knowledgeable Team that satisfies the desires and interests of our travelers; the incredible Products we offer in each of destinations we take you to; and the Fair Price we guarantee when it comes to your purchase. By coming along with us, you don’t just take part in any type of tour – you embark on an outstanding and high-caliber trip in the company of seasoned, experienced, and professional Destination Experts.

Travel experts at Metrojourneys will make your vacation unforgettable

1: Our Team

We are travelers designing experiences for travelers.

Our Destination Experts aren’t just your ordinary Sales Agents: They are well-read travelers with a penchant for exploration. They also proudly wear the badge of “Expert” by knowing all of our destinations firsthand and what’s required to craft and turn a trip from the ordinary, into the truly extraordinary.
Ultimately, they are travelers designing and preparing journeys for travelers, and they have an answer for just about any question under the sun regarding your desired trip. So rest assured: you’re in good hands.

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Products at Metrojourneys are tailor-made for you

2: Our Products

The perfect fit for every interest.

We are the proud owners of several of the accommodation options and services that we offer in each of our destinations. We also have some of the highest quality standards with respect to our providers, which must abide by our strict and thorough screening process before we bring them onboard with us.

So rest assured: whatever experience we offer – whether it’s through us directly or our providers – is guaranteed to be up to par with Metrojourneys’ quality standards. And it doesn’t end there: even the little gifts and treats we bestow our guests with throughout their journey are of the highest caliber.

Fair price for your vacations with Metrojourneys

3: Fair Price

We offer you the best price available, guaranteed.

Our prices are a reflection of the well-rounded experiences, high-level of service, and top-notch products that we offer, delivering an experience that will never fall short when it comes to quality and reliability. No expense is spared in making sure that our guest are provided with the best and highest quality tour available in each of our destinations.

We make it a point to highlight the fact that your investment is worth every penny, and will be reflected in everything you get, guaranteed. And the best part? All that quality and value for money is witnessed the very moment you start talking with us.

We create experiences and guarantee unforgettable memories.

In 2018, Metrojourneys came about to serve as the digital face of Metropolitan Touring and fulfill the needs and desires of its most enthusiastic explorers. Metrojourneys is led by a warm and knowledgeable group of Destination Experts devoted to designing and putting together rewarding journeys throughout each of our destinations.

With Metrojourneys, your trip doesn’t begin when you reach the destination – your trip begins the moment you click on our page. We try to find the perfect fit for the journey of your dreams in Ecuador, Galapagos, Peru, and/or Colombia, and all we ask of you is: your available dates, estimated budget, and interests. We’ll take care of the rest from there.

Metrojourneys’ affiliate, Metropolitan Touring, began back in 1953 with the mission to share the wonders of Ecuador and the Galapagos with the world. Nearly seven decades later, we’ve amassed thousands of unforgettable stories from our guests, galvanizing just how far we’ve come and how much we’ve achieved in all that time. Not to mention, we’re now operating in two neighboring regions: Peru and Colombia.

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Our Commitment

At Metrojourneys, we are passionate about transforming the lives of our guests through memorable experiences in fantastic destinations. As we guide you through some of the most iconic locations on earth, we make the following commitments to each and every customer of ours:

Metrojourneys is committed to keep you safe during your vacation

Your Safety, Guaranteed. 

Our first and foremost commitment is to provide you and your family with the highest standards of safety throughout our tours. We have decades of experience curating trips that are supremely safe while offering the very best experience possible. As a result, you can trust Metrojourneys to keep you safe and sound, from the very beginning to the very end of every single one of our tours.

Metrojourneys is a pioneer at Galapagos travels

The Pioneers in Galapagos Tours.

Meotrjourneys’ affiliate (Metropolitan Touring) was founded in 1953, with the sole concept of establishing responsible, family-friendly and modern tours throughout the (then) little-known country of Ecuador. By the late 1960’s, we set our sights on crafting incredible tours through the Galapagos Islands, which had only recently been declared a National Park. Over the decades, we became not only the definitive Ecuadorian touring company for countless travel agencies across the world, but a golden standard for how to do tours the right way within Ecuador.

High quality tourism and eco-friendly

Highest Quality. Lowest Impact.

Following your safety, our next concern is conserving the irreplaceable, natural sanctuaries that we explore throughout our tours. This is done through the very latest advances in eco-friendly technology and practices that are an integral part of all our packages. This results in minimal impact on the pristine environments that we wish to share with the world.


With an outstanding reputation comes an array of prestigious accolades, acknowledgments, and memberships. Here’s a look at some of the groups we’re associated with:

Galapagos conservation trust
Adventure travel asociation
Metrojourneys is part of United States Tour Operators Association
Metrojourneys is part of Latin American Travel Association
Metrojourneys is part of NACTA
Metrojourneys is part of Virtuoso association
Metrojourneys is part of Ensemble Travel Group
Metrojourneys is part of Signature Travel Network


Both consumers and the travel industry have recognized us and our products throughout the years for our efforts. Below you’ll find a list of the awards and recognition that we’ve received.

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