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5 important things you need to know about exploring the Galapagos with children

User Avatar Author: Chris Klassen
5 years ago - July 25, 2019

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To travel with children to Galapagos will be the best experience with your family. As one of the seven natural wonders of the world, parents know that the exquisite Galapagos Islands are the perfect place to teach your children about appreciating nature and being respectful of all living things. Not only can you enjoy the cuisine and sights that a Galapagos Cruise has to offer, but you can also experience the incredibly unique flora and fauna up close and personal. The wildlife is just as curious about you as you are of them! Along with the animals, children love the many land- and water-based activities and every aspect of the adventure can be enjoyed by all. 

Remember, though, that while it all sounds magical, there are a few things to keep in mind as you prepare your family trip to come on this awesome adventure. We know that you worry whether its ideal to bring your children along or whether its best to wait a few years. Luckily, we often get asked questions about these things, so keep reading to find the answers to your questions and concerns as we delve into the five most common inquiries about bringing your children on board a Galapagos Cruise. 

1. Is there a minimum age to board a Galapagos cruise? 

Toddler enjoys the sun while in his fathers arms, Galapagos

Toddler enjoys the sun while in his fathers arms, Galapagos

Important: Please be aware that, if you are planning to travel with a child that is under the age of six, we will require you to sign a liability waiver. 

Most Galapagos vessels have a minimum age requirement of six years old, which is a general consensus that has been reached over the course of decades of experience providing family-friendly cruises. Of course, every six-year-old is different, and you know them best, so only you can ultimately decide if six is the optimal age for experiencing and properly enjoying a destination as unique as the Galapagos. 

Regardless of their specific age, it’s important to keep the following points in mind: 

In a nutshell: You know your child the best. Do you think theyd be happy in these conditions? Can you provide for them under these circumstances that may be considerably different from their ordinary life at home? We dont wish to deter you from the whole experience, but its important to be realistic about the level of enjoyment you and your child or children will get out of it. Generally, we have seen that it often becomes a stressful experience for parents who bring their toddlers under six years of age, and we don’t just want your children to enjoy the experience – we also want you, the parents and adults, to have the time of your lives! 

2. What are the typical age groups on Galapagos cruises? 

A mixed age group poses for a photo in the Galapagos

A mixed age group poses for a photo in the Galapagos

Depending on the time of the year, age groups will be different. However, in general, during the spring, summer, and winter holidays we tend to see more families with younger children. And wouldnt it be more fun for your children to have friends to meet and play with onboard? Children also like to be able to do these activities with someone their own age rather than just mom and dad. 

However, don’t fret! We can’t guarantee the average age will be around yours or your children’s ages, but what we can offer is our multi-guided vessels that can provide different activities at the same time so that, no matter what your interests are or the age of your children, there will be something that you can do as a family. Do the children want to cool off in the sea? Perfect. We have a guide for that. Do the grandparents want to avoid the water and take a leisurely stroll on land? Don’t worry! Another guide will take care of them while you decide if you want to join your children in the water, jump in the glass-bottom boat, or go for a walk with the grandparents (of course, one parent needs to stay with the children during all activities). Either way, our multi-guided vessels mean that every family member will get the most out of our luxurious cruises. 

The Galapagos Islands is a destination that can be enjoyed by any age group! Start planning your vacation today!


3. Is there any discount if I bring my child along to the Galapagos?

Little girl learns about the wonders of the ecosystem at the Galapagos

Little girl learns about the wonders of the ecosystem at the Galapagos

We offer a 10%-25% discount per child at a child-adult ratio of 1:1. on our Galapagos Islands cruises. When it comes to the Galapagos Islands themselves, children under 12 are eligible for a 50% discount on their Galapagos National Park entrance fee and usually receive discounts on their airfare from the Ecuadorian mainland. So, if you are booking your own flights, be sure to enquire about any possible discounts with your airline – sometimes these discounts may not be stated. 

4. How safe are Galapagos cruises for children? 

Family poses for a photo next to some frigatebirds in the Galapagos

Family poses for a photo next to some frigatebirds in the Galapagos

Our vessels are larger and more stable than any other vessels in the Galapagos, which means they are amongst the most popular and safest to accommodate families. 

We cater to guests from all over the world, meaning that all our vessels comply with the strictest international safety standards for navigation. We ensure that each vessel always has an average guest-to-crew ratio of 3:2. Because we know that your family is your most important treasure, we perform constant maintenance on our vessels, and all decks have reinforced railings to prevent any accidents.  

Keep in mind: Although we take every possible measure to keep you safe, we recommend that you always keep an eye on your children. In the rare case when something does happen, we have a 24-hour Medical Officer on board of all our Galapagos expedition vessels. 

5. What meals can our children expect to receive on the cruise? 

A child visitor stands next to a cruise´s head chef

A child visitor stands next to a cruise´s head chef

With an onboard chef and a huge variety of cuisine, even the fussiest eaters will be satisfied. We delight in providing our guests with appetizing premium dishes in a buffet-style lunch, while at night we offer mouth-watering la carte dinner options. We can easily accommodate any dietary needs and restrictions that you may have. During your inquiry and booking, please be sure to mention any dietary requirements you may have.   

Want to read up on a mom’s experience in the Galapagos and how she had the time of their life alongside her two children? 

Bonus question: What activities are there for my children to do on a Galapagos Cruise?

To travel with children to Galapagos will be unforgettable. There is everything that you can think is imaginable on such unique islands. Be sure to read about limitations in terms of the age minimum or heights for some activities. If you want to know more about different activities offered, be sure to have a look at our blog about Activities for Kids on a Galapagos Cruise! 

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