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“Galapagos Basics”

Are you as fascinated by the Galapagos Islands as we are? Start reading! We’ve gathered the essential information you need to plan a wonderful trip to the Enchanted Isles! From quick facts to a guide on choosing a great hotel or expedition vessel, we’ve got you covered! Our Galapagos E-book is, by far, the most complete tool for travelers like you!

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Why did we make an e-book about Galapagos?

We conceived this project as a tool for travelers seeking valuable information about the Galapagos Islands. We understand that planning a trip can be overwhelming at times; after all, there’s plenty of research we need to do before we embark on a great adventure! We want to provide people from all over the world with a trustworthy resource, made with the input of real Destination Experts and travelers, to restate their doubts. 

Our ultimate goal is that you can use this e-book to get inspiredlearn, and plan a unique experience with ease.