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Ecuador and Galapagos Tours
View of a church in Cartagena

Ecuador & Galapagos

Reignite your sense of wonder with the amazing landscapes and fauna you’ll find in one of the world’s most pristine natural sanctuaries. The Galapagos Islands, also known as the Enchanted Isles, will mesmerize you with its wide array of stunning shorelines, from volcanic coasts to red sand beaches, fearless endemic fauna, and unparalleled activities that will help you establish a deeper connection with the islands!


From impressive underground buildings to colorful markets, Colombia will mesmerize you with its wide array of stunning visitor sites. We have a curated selection of activities aimed at showing you around the country’s most emblematic cities and landmarks.

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Metrojourneys is the digital face of Metropolitan Touring, South America's Leading Destination Management Company . With over 65 years of experience designing memorable adventures, we share the same excitement for discovery as our travelers , all of it as we guide them through iconic destinations like Ecuador, Galapagos, and Colombia.

At the very core of what we offer our travelers are our three main pillars: Our Products, Our Fair Price, and Our Team. This ultimately means that, if you decide to embark on an adventure with us, you’ll always get top-notch accommodations, visitor sites, guides, and service at a price that will reflect the value of these experiences. You’ll also have the assistance of our Destination Experts - our very own group of seasoned travelers that will provide you with fresh and knowledgeable insight into the places you’ll visit.

Our mission is very simple. We want to share our passion for South America through inspiring experiences that go above and beyond a simple vacation. We want our travelers to create remarkable memories that will make their hearts warm up every time they hear the words Galapagos, Ecuador or Peru.

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Is there a better way to plan a trip than with the expert assistance of people that know the region like the back of their hand? Our Destination Experts are not your run-of-the-mill sales agents! They have earned their “expert” badge by traveling to the most wonderful places in the region and combining their experience with the amount of technical knowledge to understand and cater for their customer’s needs!

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